there’s nothing burning rn but there are streams of light coming in the window and there’s smoke hanging/floating in it this is the coolest thing i’m so distracted

trying to chill out and focus by burning incense but i’m just sitting here with the stick in my hand watching the smoke and when it runs out i just light another one take this stuff away from me


Berta Vicente Salas

 im so freaked out.  if ur standing straight into a mirror but ur eyes are looking up down left or right, u can see ur face that way sort of, out of ur peripheral vision but when u look back at ur face ur staring at urself straight on. u’ll never be able to see yourself in a mirror not looking directly at urself. this is old news. but its freakign me OUT rightn ow


I try and navigateall the things that make me hateWhat I have or haven’t beenI’m trying to avoidall the things that fill the voidBut haven’t ever filled a thing

Rene Magritte - Clairvoyance (Self Portrait) 1936

Oh, God, I just wanted some milk!

Albrecht Dürer ‘Six Studies of Pillows’ [1493]