where is the hair where is the hair where is harry truman he’s dead in the ground he’s dead in the ground


 iliamna-volcano-clouds-melford by Michael Melford

"I can not put words to express the excruciating, yet exhilarating sensation of those two seconds where everything comes together!" - César Biojo

Grimes & Marnie the dog @ FYF

Dale Frank (Australian, b. 1958), Hebden Liddell, 2007. Synthetic polymer paint and varnish on linen, 120 x 160 cm.

team by lorde is so .///// feelings /// idk its just so idk??? feelings what 2 say but it just makes me sad but not in the traditional sense it just feels rly cold but warm at the same time u feel like u know late autumn/early winter where the air is freezing but right before sunset everything is bathed in a warm orange light its like that, oh also it has to be in a city, that feeling is not the same in the country, it’s just as potent, but different. do u feel

what should i watch i don’t have netflix

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Three Little Pumpkins — @LunaCabCo