baked avocado fries

like last yr my roommate (my actual¬†roommate) with whom i shared a bunk bed would sit up there and whisper/soft speak while studying sometimes and it was so soothing to me. right now one of my roommates (technically housemate) is in the bathroom that adjoins to my room talking quietly i don’t know what he’s saying if he’s narrating his poop or what



this is silly because if you look closely you can see that the tiger is not an actual tiger but a Beanie Baby, a popular childs toy.

is that true?

im going by page numbers instead of word count its easier that way. i’m almost done my 2nd page so i’m almost halfway done


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i have like 1100 words left i cant believe i procrastinated so hard on this


Reine, Norway | Andrey Chabrov

uhguhghhh h i dont want to write my proposal ew :// // // / 

my art history professor slipped a slide into today’s presentation that said “you don’t have to go to grad school to watch art videos on youtube. -matt”

did you ever pretend the stringy parts of celery sticks were paintbrushes and paint with your salad dressing or was that just me


"Winterlandschaft bei Maloja mit Blick ins Fornotal" (circa 1925), Giovanni Giacometti (1868 - 1933)
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Hi, we’re Daughter

Vincent van Gogh, Plain Near Auvers, 1890