New York, 1979.

fuck i ¬†keep forgetting about this newish tumblr feature that lets people find your posts even if you don’t tag them ugh. i can’t even say (vee see you) without ppl finding it ugh. why is this feature a thing. i don’t tag my school’s name for a reason. ugh. stop

im  going to bed but pls dont forget to appreciate my icon it is me

i just ate lots of dirt yum yum yum

i just got a bill from vcu i am so sad




i dont get this picture

obviously some sloppy fuck left their orange peels on the ground and Hillary Clinton happened to be skating by and slipped on them. Not to hard to understand. She still smilin doe

Hillary Clinton

i’ll check the fuel pump now yall hear

when yr making a normal neutral face and the second u see a picture of a certain person without thinking you just automatically smile